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New York, New Jersey, Connecticut


DIRECTV® Viewing Packages

Public Viewing Packages -DIRECTV® Programming packages can be tailored for your Restaurant,

Bar, Lounge, where your customer can experience the best in Digital Satellite Television.

From Sports to Entertainment to News, DIRECTV® can fill your programming needs.DIRECTV Sports Programming is Guaranteed to increase your Bar/Restaurant business.

* PRICING STARTS AT $89.99 for Commercial Xtra Pack

CALL 914-413-8630

Business Viewing Packages - DIRECTV® Programming can be the best entertainment and information for your retail store, fitness club, bank, lobby, supermarket, waiting room or other common customer areas. Digital-quality picture and sound will show your customers you mean business. From News to Sports DIRECTV® has it all.

*PRICING STARTS AT $29.99 for Business Select Pack

CALL 914-413-8630

Private Viewing Packages - Whether you need the latest breaking News or need the up to the minute financial data, DIRECTV® Programming for Private Office is your solution. The most popular News, Financial, Entertainment and Sports packages are part of the Private Office packages.

PRICING STARTS AT $29.99 for Business Select Pack

CALL 914-413-8630

DIRECTV Authorized Dealer

CLM Satellite Sports, Inc

Call 914-413-8630